How Bots Can Improve and Grow Your Legal Business

Have you ever experienced the frustration of connecting with a brand or business online, sending them an inquiry message because you are interested in a product or service they’re offering, but not getting any response even after several hours or days of waiting? What impression do you get from businesses that appear to be ignoring their potential customers?

Now, imagine that it’s your law firm or legal business getting lots of inquiries but you don’t have the time or resources to deal with these incoming messages. From a potential client’s point of view, this can truly be annoying and disappointing, which may cause them to change their mind about dealing with your firm and simply move on to another law firm. That’s clearly a lost client! So you want to respond fast because you may not have been the only one they are researching.

Worse, you can potentially lose all customers that you ignore simply because you don’t have the time or the manpower to handle your chat inquiries or social media messages.

Taking Advantage of Chat Bots for Your Legal Service

Enter Chat Bots. These are programs that use artificial intelligence (AI) to interact with clients who visit your website or your Facebook business page (messenger bots). Do you know that these so called “chatbots” (coined term for chat robots) are revolutionizing online businesses, including law firms and businesses in the legal industry?

When used appropriately, you can significantly grow your legal business, by increasing your customer base, improving conversion rate, and establishing brand awareness. Here are some ways you can take advantage of chatbots for your website or messenger bots for your Facebook page.

1. Chatbots can help you establish brand awareness.

Not all visitors to your website know who you are or your areas of legal expertise.  By using a chatbot you can automatically greet your visitors with a pre-written message about yourself or your law firm, giving them an idea of what your business is about. An example of a service-centric chatbot welcome message is this:

“Hello, welcome to Smithson Law Firm. Our practice areas include Business Law, Real Estate, Personnel Law, and Estate Planning. How can we help you today?”

2. Chatbots can improve customer service.

Customers are generally inquisitive. Before transacting with a business, there may be some questions they want to ask to clarify their doubts or satisfy their curiosity. By using automated messages (chatbots), you are providing potential clients with a quick response to their inquiries.

By being readily available to clients, you are establishing good customer service. This is crucial to closing deals, improving conversion rates, and outperforming your competitors.

3. Chatbots can help you acquire valuable customer insights.

To identify what your potential clients’ concerns are, you can list down multiple items which they can choose from. With their selection, you can easily get hold of data that can help you further improve your practice. For example, here is a message you can use:

“Hello and good day! How may I help you today?”

  1.    Hi, I need legal advice
  2.    I need a defense attorney
  3.    I want to make a general inquiry

If you see a lot of clicks on choice number 1, for example, this should give you an idea that most of your visitors are looking to get consultation or legal advice. You can take advantage of this data by promoting your strength as a legal advisor in your marketing campaigns and ads.

4. Chatbots can help you increase conversion.

By using Messenger bots on your Facebook page, it’s easy directing your social media followers to your law firm’s website. By setting up your chatbot to intelligently capture keywords from your clients’ messages, it can quickly bring up the link to the best page on your site, thereby enabling them to easily interact with you. If you have a business Facebook page, you already have messenger and you have the potential to earn a badge for a fast response time. This is a great thing for your visitors to see.

With the advancement of technology, coupled with AI integration, the advantages of using Messenger bots or chatbots on your legal business platforms are almost endless. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to rely solely on robots to provide customer service to your legal clients. A personalized, human support agent should still be available to manage and guide them. Messenger bots should only enhance productivity, improve customer service, and help with your business’ operations. It should not totally replace human support and interaction.

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