Video Services

Being an attorney means you have to connect to people all the time. Either your clients, the judge or prospective clients. This connection starts even before they make the call – and mostly then.

We know it’s not easy and that you may spend a lot of time and effort on ineffective endeavors. Legal marketing can be complicated, not everyone will understand how you can help them or even what practice area they should be looking for. Not having a place to showcase what you do in a way people can understand may cost you some clients.

We can help you connect with your clients and build trust in your services by showcasing your expertise and telling your story using our multimedia services.

We can help you tell that story with compelling and professional video production, distributing it on:

  1. Social Media Promo Videos: those are perfect to promote your services in a short but precise way. The video is shorter than 30 seconds, which makes it a good fit on every social media.
  2. Video Blogs: If your goal is to bring your clients closer to your routine or share some ideas of an important topic, this is the go-to option.
  3. Commercial advertisements: ⅓ of the content people access on the internet is composed of video. So having video advertisements is a good way to reach your potential (or current) clients.
  4. How-to Videos: this is the type of video that has the most views on Youtube, it’s more popular than music clips or gaming videos. So, great video content to get results!
  5. Google & YouTube Ranking Videos: the first result shown in Google is video content, this is how important it is to have SEO optimized video content that’s relevant for your audience.
  6. Brand-focused content: communicating your values and working towards establishing a brand based on what you want to be known for and video is great for that! It gives you the chance to your clients get a better idea of who you are and what you can do for them.