What we do and how we help attorneys

The key to being in front of the right people changed

Getting in front of the people who need your help is how you get more cases. In a connected world, where 84% of people say they treat online reviews as highly as a word-of-mouth recommendation this means having a strong online reputation is important to receive more calls. This is reinforced by research that shows that firms with average ratings of 3.8 or lower receive half the calls of firms with 3.9 or higher. 

Growing your practice takes a lot of effort and we know that it is difficult to be compliant with all those rules for legal marketing while serving your clients. By making that our problem you will be able to focus on what you love to do. We have experience in helping attorneys just like you to achieve their goals. 

Stand out from the crowd

There are over 1 million attorneys in the US and our mission is to make you stand out from that crowd. We work to make you look as trustworthy and professional online as you are offline and to showcase your good work. Reading reviews is how 90% of people decide to trust in practice and 68% of clients form an opinion by reading just 1-6 reviews. We make sure that when they are done with their search they decide you are the best option.

Proven and repeatable processes that deliver stellar results

By helping over 200 brands establish their presence we have developed repeatable processes to identify and build the marketing strategies that are the better fit for each client and that consider your areas of practice, your marketing objectives, and what the competition in your area is like. 

The onboarding process will cover all fronts of your online reputation and get you ready for the other more specific processes. The first step is to work on your site and make it appealing and informative to the visitors, then we will improve your reputation on rating sites by managing your account and working with you to reply to comments either good or bad. The third step is to work on Google searches for your name and for your area of practice or area. And last but not least we will work on your social media and start building your reputation there too. 

Besides that, you will get prospects to your site,  maintain good relationships with your current and potential clients, and build your reputation in other spaces such as podcasts and interviews. We help attorneys with an aggressive approach to online marketing and with those who rather go slower and steady. In both cases, we serve clients who know their time is better spent with clients rather than trying to be marketers.


Why choose us

Think One Thing is specialized in legal marketing and building an online reputation for attorneys and law firms. We have a process that is simple and will keep you on autopilot once started, you will keep on track of all the results we generate so you know how close you are to your objectives. You’ll have an experienced team working for you, but one single point of contact to call whenever you need.

Your online reputation is built by all these elements combined with the good legal service you provide. Our focus is to make it easier for you to help those who need your services by getting you in front of them by taking over the day-to-day worry of running your marketing efforts.