How Law Firms Can Set the “Bar” for Finding New Clients

Whether you’re driving down the highway and see a billboard plastered with a trusting smile from a local attorney, or turn on the radio and listen to an ad for assistance in the courtroom, we’ve all been key witnesses to a law firm’s advertisement. But what makes those ads so catchy to the public eye and ear? 

ThinkOneThing, based in Jacksonville, FL, specializes in marketing for attorneys and law firms while exploring the different methods that law offices take in order to attract their clientele. There are several methods to use when marketing your law firm, but the experts at ThinkOneThing have a few favorites to cover.

Establishing a Social Media Presence

If you’ve entered the world of technology at all you might have noticed this thing called, “social media,” that exists in our everyday life. Yes, we’re excited to show a cute photo of our puppy, but why not utilize social media to execute high quality advertisements to entice our target audience? Law firms that look to expand their portfolio should consider social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more. These platforms can be great sources to establish trust between the potential client and the firm. 

Once the client sees an attorney’s accountability in a visual aspect, that can help them understand their needs more clearly. Being able to see success stories across a social profile is comforting to the viewer and might just land a law firm substantial growth. But even attorneys can be at a loss for what to post that will make them attractive to their market. So what tools can help formulate more content that relates to the viewer’s needs? Exploring search engine optimization is a great start.

Research Through SEO Help

When developing a website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing web pages and their content to be easily discoverable by users searching for terms relevant to the site (Word Stream). ThinkOneThing, deemed ‘Best SEO Experts in Jacksonville in 2020’, specializes in using SEO to build traffic for attorneys organically without paying for ads. But what is the formula to the “creating a site that stands out” equation? It lies in quality keywords and content that are relevant to what the ideal client is searching for. 

According to Word Stream, “Google determines “quality” by a number of means, but a site’s link profile – the number and quality of other websites that link to a page and site as a whole – is among the most important.” SEO and social media posts can be game changers for any business, but finding out what that ideal client is interested in can be daunting. With some research and assistance from professionals, these law firms are more confident with their online presence. So once you’re confident in your website traffic, where do you go from there?

Internet Advertising With Credibility

If an ideal client is on Google searching for a law firm, what gets that law firm to appear first on the page? Paid ads. When using Google Ads, similar to SEO, promotions are the number one priority. Unlike SEO, however, this cost is determined only when clients interact with the ad by clicking on the website itself. Google customizes specific goals for those ads, making them the leading search engine globally. Examples might include: higher phone call percentages, getting foot traffic at a building location, or just getting more website visits. 

Even though having an online presence is important, it’s the quality of being reputable that makes certain law firms stand out more than others. Reviews for any business are crucial…at least the good kind, anyway. We’ve all gone on Yelp and looked at the reviews before checking out that restaurant we passed by a million times. These credits are important to showcase, but if you want to be presented professionally a site such as LinkedIn is a great way to do this. LinkedIn, a website used for career development and networking professionals, is a fantastic resource to get connected with fellow law firms and clients. While using this platform, law firms are able to highlight individuals within their company or the business as a whole. This promotes the accountability of services, but can also give a space for reviews and referrals from happy clients who are loving what they’ve received.

Referral Networking 101

Not only are reviews important, but personal referrals could make or break a business. For many business owners, word of mouth is the only method used to advertise and create that credibility. But for law firms in Florida, there’s a little extra help. The Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Service was created for Florida attorneys to network and diversify their contact list, which in the long run would keep the community engaged with each other. The consistency of obtaining clientele can be tricky, but remaining consistent with peers within law firms generates longevity. Supporting one another can help pave the way for your own success, so when it comes to getting involved, dive in head first. While all of these methods for gaining new clients are encouraged, some guidelines will always remain in place. 

According to The Florida Bar, it is a requirement that every direct written communication to a prospective client be accompanied by a factual statement detailing the firm’s background, training, and experience. This ensures that credibility is not falsely advertised. However, when law firms are starting their advertisement journey by establishing a social media presence, researching how to boost website traffic, or obtaining local referrals they’re all doing the same thing: putting themselves out there. Taking the first step can be challenging, but in the long run it can only bring growth to your career. Remember, all good business didn’t start at the finish line.


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