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Marketing for attorneys is particularly difficult. So make that our problem. We’ll make the process fast and easy for you.  We’ve helped over 200 brands establish their presence and we want to help you. We have specific, repeatable processes built around delivering stellar results and more cases.

Million Attorneys in the US
Plus Monthly Searches With the Word “lawyer”
Dollars Average Cost Per Action

Who We Serve

We generally work with lawyers who want to be aggressive about their online marketing and who know their time is best spent with clients rather than trying to be marketers.

In all cases, we develop marketing strategies for your law firm that are customized to your areas of practice, be it personal injury, criminal, family, immigration or something else. We’ll discuss your marketing objectives and assess what the competition in your area is like. For example, marketing for personal injury law in Minneapolis, MN is going to require a different strategy than marketing for family law in Miami, FL. Our consultants act as a single point of contact to coordinate all aspects of your digital presence.

Why Choose Us

Legal Marketing Experts

A team focused on helping attorneys build their practices.

A Simple Process

The work may be complex, but the process doesn’t have to be. We’ll have a kick off call where we’ll ask you for all the info we need to get started and from there you’re on autopilot

Monthly Reporting

Just the facts ma’am. We’ll give you the highlights of the results we generate.


You own all of the assets and accounts we create.

Single Point of Contact

You’ll have a team working for you all the way, but will also have a single point of contact to call for whatever needs arise.


On average our staff have over 8 years marketing experience in their field of specialty

Legal Marketing Posts

For more information about how we can help you please call, or email us today.


Do you offer any guarantees?
We are an experienced agency and we brought amazing results to our clients before. However, every campaign, target audience, and industry are different so the time and results may not be precisely predictable. We are specialists in making the most of each set of circumstances and getting you to your desired results as soon as possible.

I rely on word of mouth. Why should I hire an agency?
90% of potential clients will search google to find a law firm. 70% of referrals will check out your online reputation EVEN if referred by a friend and 84% trust online reviews as much as a friend’s referral. If your online reputation is lacking you’re losing business!

Many attorneys find themselves in a feast and famine cycle of networking, getting a case and then having nothing in the pipeline once done with the case. Having a marketing system in place helps you stay out of that cycle and pays for itself by keeping you focused on revenue generating activities.

I’m worried about the complex rules around Legal Marketing.
Many agencies who say they specialize in legal marketing have never researched the rules and regulations of attorney advertising. We conduct several CLE courses throughout the year to help attorneys stay in compliance

Why choose an agency that focuses on law firms?
Marketing for attorneys is particularly difficult and having an agency that is used to bring results despite the difficulties of this field makes the process faster and easier for you.

How is success measured?
Each firm has their own goals and objectives and we set the indicators that best fit each client and campaign.

Why should I invest in digital marketing?
Because your competitor already is. Also, in a pre-COVID survey done by Thomas Reuters and FindLaw.com found that 54% of people would hire an attorney who was active on social media.

How are your digital marketing services different from those offered by other agencies?
We have helped over 200 businesses establish their presence online. By having so much experience we have repeatable processes that make our work faster and reliable when delivering stellar results.

Do I need to understand marketing?
We got you. No need to understand marketing — but if you would like to you can schedule an appointment with your Marketing Consultant or even with our CEO

How much does your service cost?
Our services are tailored to your needs, so pricing depends on what we are helping you with

Do people really use the internet to find lawyers and information about their legal issues?
Yes! 88% of people conduct online research before choosing an attorney.

Do I need to hire a digital marketing agency?
A digital marketing agency is specialized in bringing results and knows all the tools and how to build the right strategy to make you achieve your goals.

What kind of goals can be addressed by digital marketing?
Any goal you may have to grow your practice or keep you top of your mind to your clients

What’s your experience in my industry?
We have helped over 200 brands to establish their online presence. We’ve taken the experience and adapted it specifically to legal services and your firm.

Why should I make an effort to build a brand?
Because a brand is how people are thinking about you and perceiving your value

As an agency you have multiple clients, won’t my company be just one more to you?
Each client has a dedicated Marketing Consultant and their mission is to implement the tactics that will help you achieve your goals.

I already have a website should I be in more places?
Depending on your goal, let’s discuss this during a call

How having repeatable processes is different from “one size fits all”?
No, this means the processes have been tested dozens of times and we know how to make them fit each client.