How to Set Up Google My Business

Today I want to talk to you about Google my business or GMB. Most attorneys and practices set up their social media profiles and their business directories and they never think about it again, that’s a huge mistake!

I encourage you to go ahead and set up your Avvo profile and your profile on your State Bar. As soon as you’re done with those, the one thing I want you to look at is Google my business.

How to Set up Google My Business

The first step is to access and there you going to get a chance to either claim a listing that already exists once you type in your firm or to create one.

Creating a Listing

Once you’re in you’re gonna see a lot of things that you need to set up. Even if you have already filled in this information a lot of times before, this one is the one that matters. People use Google. A good start is by filling in your hours, your website, and then filling in your areas of practice.

You may also want to take some extra time and set up the messaging on Google my Business, this is particularly important because a lot of people that are going to want to interact with you aren’t going to want to call, especially if it’s after hours.

Here you can click on the messaging and set up your hours where you can receive those messages and then you’ll have an extra way to interact with your potential clients once you set up your messaging.

The next step is to put your initial post. This is important and actually quite simple especially if you’re already using other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… You can talk about any upcoming events that your firm has during the holidays or anything that’s relevant to you and your practice.

Improving your profile

We encourage you to avoid doing any type of post with your political rants or some of your pet peeves. If it’s not related to your business and to your firm, it’s not going to be something that’s appropriate to post.

Reviews will drastically increase the perception people have about you, we suggest you ask them for your current and former clients as well as to anyone who would have positive stuff to say about you.

When comparing firms, the one with the most reviews is not only going to get the best ranking. It will also be the one people are going to be most likely click on so the best way for you to get those reviews is to ask for them.

There you have it, now you’ve got your Google my business profile set up and your clients can actually find you.