Can Social Media Have Any Effect on Your SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important things for any online website. It’s your search engine optimization methods and techniques that get you the higher ranking on any search engine. Content is quite an important thing for any SEO campaign to succeed. However, people are often confused if the content they create on social media plays any role in SEO. Will you get a better ranking on Google if you were one of the most famous companies on social media amongst your competitors? The answer to this question cannot be a simple “yes” or “no,” so it needs explanation.

Your social media marketing can have a huge impact on your search engine ranking. However, these effects are not direct in nature. It won’t affect your rankings if you share a page on a social network and it receives a lot of likes. However, a post that is liked by thousands of people on a social network has the potential to better the ranking of your website. The key to your success lies in being active socially and using all the platforms that could help you in ranking better on major search engines.

Let’s take the example of a post you share on your social network. Now, when you share this particular post on Facebook or Google+, it will not cause any effect on your ranking. The followers and fans on your social networking accounts will read the post and if they find it interesting, they might share it. Many of these followers and fans might be journalists, online marketers, content creators, bloggers etc. As soon as they mention your post in their content, your content has started to generate. The more they mention your post in their content, the more quality backlinks are created to your website.

Another important thing that you will realize after creating your social networking page is that you rank higher automatically in search engine results. While your posts on social networks might not rank per se, the social networks are considered high quality links themselves. When you have a page on a social network, it appears in search results as soon as someone searches for your website. This social networking page automatically ranks higher. If your website appears on top, the social networking page might rank right below it. Google+ and Facebook pages can be very helpful with this.

To use social media to your SEO advantage you must be very creative and clever. In many cases, you can receive help from your partners to generate more traffic to your website by using social media. You do this by sharing the posts from your partners with your mentions in them on social media. This way, your followers will first go and visit your partner’s website and then yours. There is also a correlation between social media indicators and website ranking. While this is not a case of action, the correlation exists that a page with likes,+1s and mentions ranks higher than other pages on search engines.

Effective SEO and social media is crucial to the success of your business. To learn more about how our team can help you, contact us today. Remember, the OneThing you are missing is us!

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