The Problem

Vermont Harvest came to OneThing seeking a new breath of life for the company. They were in desperate need of a new website, rebranding, and Facebook marketing.

Our Solution

We were able to create a new website that was easy to navigate and created an image that communicates the brand message in a more direct manner. We helped take this small family owned company into a growing national brand.


  1. Facebook
  2. AdWords
  3. Website/eCommerce Site


We develop your visibility and reputation in the marketplace. We design tailored imagery that aligns with your business strategy and objectives. This design will communicate the character of your organization.

Jams, jellies their all yummy to our bellies. Helping the family of Vermont Harvest share their pride and joy with the world has warmed our hearts. We wouldn’t want a good thing to be kept a secret, that would be such a tragedy. And we’re not in the business of spreading tragedy, we’re in the business of spreading joy!

Vermont Harvest