Certified Google Partner

 As a Certified Google Partner, OneThing Strategic Marketing Group can help put your products and services in front of the millions of users utilizing Google’s vast network. OneThing Strategic Marketing Group has met Google’s thorough qualification standards and the Google Partner Badge signifies that our company is healthy, customers are happy and that we follow best practices. Here are some of the benefits of using a Google Partner:

♦ Saves time and energy.

♦ Maximize return on investment.

♦ Direct access to Google.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? If so, OneThing Strategic Marketing Group is here to help.

As a Certified Google Partner, OneThing Strategic Marketing Group will help implement digital marketing initiatives across targeted Google entities. We’ll determine whether your company is best suited for Search, Display Network, Mobile App, YouTube or Shopping and build out multi-faceted AdWords campaigns. As the program unfolds we monitor and optimize the campaign to maximize profit and minimize cost.

For more information about setting up your Google AdWords campaign contact us using the form below.

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Daniel Anzanello

Hi, my name is Daniel. I am a top performing, results-driven and energetic Marketing professional with 20+ years of experience planning, managing and executing marketing projects that enable profitable business growth. I am currently the Co-Founder and VP of Marketing for OneThing Strategic Marketing Group, where I specialize in marketing for attorneys and law firms. Throughout my experience, I’ve helped brands establish their presence and develop strategies that fit their needs and areas of focus. I excel at providing consistent processes, reporting and tools to develop streamlined procedures, meeting overall goals and assignments to achieve deadlines that ensure success. I am recognized as a hands-on, big-picture leader, with an ability to generate leads and convert them into clients. I am also skilled at influencing and leading change through assertive communication, effective negotiation and a collaborative mindset. During my career, I’ve specialized in digital marketing, and I am an expert in marketing automation, ad budgets and compliance in legal advertising of ads. I am adept at analyzing, managing and coordinating a full marketing spectrum, with strategic thinking and continuous process improvement. I always seek to understand the needs of my customers and the big picture, before going in-depth on the immediate and day-to-day of their organization, which ensures high-quality and performance-driven solutions. Always keen on expanding my network, I can be reached directly via LinkedIn