The Secret Facebook Doesn’t Want You to Know

As many of you know Facebook tends to do what it wants to in the ad serving arena. The platform has come a long way, but still is riddled with glitches that will impact your bottom line. We have found that the time of day that you run ads is as important as the audiences you select and the types of ad units you sponsor, but the most recent innovation (occurrence?) has even surprised us!

At OneThing, we are not of the “Set it and Forget it” mentally. Instead, our experts monitor your account hourly, allowing for maximum efficiency. In several of the ad accounts we manage, Facebook has notified us that they will have up to a 25% variance in the ad budget as they see fit. Think about that. Facebook will spend up to 25% more than the budget you allocate at their discretion. The notification also mentioned that they would be able to slow and boost the daily spend as they say beneficial. We found this notification under the Ad Set section where you can view the analytics for the different audiences in Business Manager. From what our team has seen so far, they are not pleased with the changes. This underscores the need to monitor your ads as closely as we do.

What has your experience been? Are you getting these notifications as well? If so, please let us know in the comments below or paste in a screenshot of the notification.

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