The Client

Trademarkers, based in Manhattan, NY are a global network of IP (Intellectual Property) attorneys who provide fast, simple and cost efficient trademark filing services in 195 countries and treaty regions.  With over 25 years of experience they assist their clients from Trademark Study to Registration, Monitoring and Action Response.

Call Campaigns

After 15 minutes your chance of ever connecting with a lead drops by 50%

Trademarkers realized this and invested in their marketing efforts by having staff available to answer calls 24/5. This enabled us to drive leads directly from search ads – where intent is highest. With a modest budget Trademarkers were able to answer answer 2-3 inquiries daily and were able to QA the calls with live recordings used for training and optimization purposes


96% of users who visit a website are not ready to take action on their first visit. If you could get just 4% more of the visitors to come back that is a doubling of revenue! The team at TOT set-out to accomplish just that by implementing advanced strategies like custom retargeting where ads specific to the pages visited by users are deployed to the user after their visit. These ads would drive the user back to pages specifically tailored to their interests – increasing conversions.


A complex undertaking due to the international nature of this client. The first step was to benchmark the current website and keywords against their primary competitors. With this exercise we came up with a list twice the size that they originally had even considered. We engaged resources around the globe in a geographically targeted link building campaign to build links in critical countries where they had no presence and low rankings. Helping them become a truly global brand when users around the globe searched for trademark related services.