The Problem

Tekkima came to OneThing to begin laying the foundation for their new clothing brand.

Our Solution

We were able to help them refine their brand messaging and create their eCommerce store. Through Facebook, Google AdWords and Pinterest marketing, this client saw its first online sales. Through the use of data capture and analysis, we have been able to help Tekkima better identify their target market and redirect advertising dollars toward those specific audiences. It was also key that we build up their emailing list to keep customers up to date on new seasonal lines coming out.


  1. Facebook
  2. AdWords
  3. Email
  4. Website/eCommerce Site
  5. SEO
  6. Photography


We develop your visibility and reputation in the marketplace. We design tailored imagery that aligns with your business strategy and objectives. This design will communicate the character of your organization.

Three generations under one brand is the way we would describe Tekkima. Two of those generations were solely involved in manufacturing clothing. But with the third generation came the vision of the brand, and thus Tekkima was born. Tekkima has been a great case study for us to show the importance of knowing your market. Initially they came in focusing on a millennial market. However, through our testing and analysis they have come to see that they are more of a Gen X style brand. You can think of yourself however you want, but ultimately it is the market that will decide who you are.