The Importance of Keywords for Legal Websites

The law industry is tough and competitive. Most law firms and solo private practices are utilizing technology to reach their potential clients. The difference between the successful practices from those which are struggling not only lies in the competence and performance of the lawyers but how the online websites fare in attracting clients to the firm.

One of the most fundamental concepts that law firms and attorneys need to focus on is ranking for the right keywords. Keywords are search terms or queries that web users type in search engine fields, the most popular of which is Google, in order to find websites that match what they are looking for.

Getting the right keywords and optimizing the content of your website effectively to rank high for the most important ones in search engines can bring your firm or your practice several advantages when done properly.

Concept of targeting people


1. Keywords connect you to your potential clients

Once you made your research and found the right keywords that embody your firm or practice, you can make your website more relevant through search engine optimization. Getting the right one will help your potential clients find you through search engines.

It is important to make your keywords unique to your practice and specific to your location, but at the same time, should be highly searched for. Through the right keywords, you don’t have to go searching for clients as traditional marketing may suggest, rather, clients who need your legal services will come find you.


2. Keywords generate more traffic to your website.

Because of the development of online marketing, clients nowadays depend on search engine results to make up their mind before enlisting the legal services of a firm or lawyer. Targeting and ranking on the right keywords can get potential clients reading about your firm and your credentials, as well as information about your previous cases It is important to have relevant content that clients search for so they can find you and learn about your practice and legal services. Increased online traffic improves the likelihood that a percentage of those visitors will become customers in the future.

3. Keywords can give your practice competitive advantage.

The keywords that you use may decide your practice’s success or failure. Ranking for the right keywords such as “best law firms in my area” may put you ahead of your competitors, that is, if your website is search engine optimized for these. So, you may be looking at higher website traffic and ultimately, getting an edge over your competition. Once you research and identify the ones that your potential clients are likely to use, make sure that you optimize your website for these keywords.


4. Keywords may increase client trust.

Ranking high means that your website appears on the first page of the search engine. Most Internet users equate high search engine ranking with credibility, so they would trust your practice more than those that they would find on the third or fourth page of the search engine results. Trust is very important in the legal industry in order to get more clients.

Having the right keywords on your website can spell success for your law firm, this is why it is important to research which ones to use and make sure they are relevant to your legal services.