The Problem

Impact Christian Academy came to OneThing with an unresponsive website, no social media marketing or video. They also showed a low ranking in all visible areas on the internet.

Our Solution

OneThing was able to provide SEO for ICA to get them seen on the front page of google. We provided them with Facebook marketing to reach their target audiences in their geographical specific area. We also provided them with lead generating sources to increase the number of phone calls and emails they received regarding admissions.


  1. Facebook
  2. AdWords
  3. Website
  4. SEO
  5. Photography


The pace of web technology and integration is increasing with more changes expected in the next 5 years than were released in the last 25. The OneThing development staff is platform agnostic with a primary focus of leverage those new technologies to help your customer purchase from you.

This is an exciting and new experience for us. The marketing team for the school has used only traditional methods of marketing before we met (radio, billboards, flyers, etc). They recognized the opportunity for marketing effort expansion into the digital space, however they were not familiar with how to achieve that goal. We have been able to combine their traditional efforts with our digital efforts to create marketing campaigns that have enticed parents and students alike to want to sign up for tours of the school.