Ensure Your legal services Website is Up and Running

Traditional marketing such as billboards and word of mouth are still good strategies, but there are new tools you can use to get even more calls. Digital marketing is such a powerful way to get the right people in touch with you.

When someone has a question about legal issues, often their first step is to search on google or even YouTube. This is why it is so important to monitor your website’s uptime where people can get to know your practice and how you can help them.

Just as important as having your website ready to answer all these questions is for it to be up and running, which means that when people go there they won’t be faced with an error message. This could ruin the first impression and cost you a client. Amazon sells 4000 products per minute — every minute. They’re never down. Being up is being able to be seen.

You won’t be able to keep your eye on your site every minute every day but there are tools that get your back and will keep you informed if anything goes wrong and your site is down so you can fix it before your visitors even notice it.

Uptime monitor

Is a service that will load your website constantly and will notify you if it can’t load the page for some reason. 

You can change how often, but usually every ten minutes is enough to know exactly when your website is down. There are plenty of options for these types of tools on the market and you’ll probably want to do your own research. 

These are just a few of them that you may want to check as a starting point:

  • Better Uptime: This is the one we use here and it will notify you in many cases, such as when your website goes down and when your SSL certificate expires. If you get notified, you’ll receive a screenshot of your website so you know exactly what went wrong. 

To ensure that your website has an issue and it’s not a false alarm, they check your website from at least 3 different locations(IP addresses). 

There is a basic plan that is free and other more advanced plans with increasing prices and features. We particularly love their dashboard which is easy to navigate and understand.
Uptime Robot: the service is similar to Better Uptime in many ways, the outstanding point is the status page that you can add to your site and make it more transparent with your visitors. This page is a report of when your page was up or down and for how long.

Wrapping up

Your website is like your office online, many prospective clients will meet you and your work visiting it, so you’ll want to showcase the best of your qualities and expertise. 

But if you have a good website that keeps going down, how will people be able to know you? The visitor that doesn’t get to access your site could be your next client.