How to Increase Website Traffic

So, you have an online business. You already know current and potential customers expect to see you online. Maybe you’ve spent a chunk of change for website design and branding. Now what? Website traffic is the lifeline of your company. Traffic equals sales. Getting visitors to your site isn’t necessarily a magic act but there are a few secrets that can help drive more traffic to your website. Try any one or all of these 5 tips to boost traffic and increase sales.

Online Advertising is Just the Beginning

It’s a given that an online business uses online advertising. You have options! Social media is a hot market right now to get your business noticed and it goes way beyond your circle of influence, which for most people is actually relatively small. Think Facebook Ads and Pinterest – usually pay-per-click. Display advertising is a little different. Ads show up on web pages, usually as a banner ad that the customer clicks to access your site.  If you don’t already, learn to embrace social media. Your customers spend more time there than just about anywhere else online. Also, targeting high commercial intent keywords as part of your paid search strategies can help bring traffic to your site. Competition for keywords can be expensive and fierce, but the payoffs are often worth it.

A Place to Land

Customers must have a place to go once they click on your ad – the landing page is it! The goal of a landing page is to generate off-the-chart conversions. You do that through optimization, which is a simple word for multiple tactics you’ll use to make the customer’s experience so awesome they’re guaranteed to purchase your products. Optimized landing pages are uncluttered and provide nothing but the facts.You don’t want to overwhelm your visitor with information overload but you do want high quality content. The design should be flawless, with an eye catching headline and a clear call to action. This is where you’ll wow them with your amazing offer. And by the way, make it about your visitor. Don’t talk about yourself.

Is SEO Really Such a Big Mystery?

To be certain, SEO is vital to supercharged results. It’s smart to capitalize on the billions of searches that take place on Google and other search engines each day. Today the number has reached at least 3 billion. There are some SEO strategies that increase rankings in search engines and get more visitors. You might think using SEO means hiring a guru. You can and at some point that might be helpful but you can learn the basics and make them work for you. You start by creating high-quality content. Have an understanding of what your audience is searching for and learn to write clear meta description for your pages. Later on, when you’re more comfortable with who your customers are and have a more solid idea of where you want to take them, go ahead and hire that guru.

Source: http://mbdigitalmarketing.com/

The Art of Online Engagement

You’ve set up your Facebook page and given visitors to your site a way to leave comments. Now you enter into a dance with your customer. They talk to you. You talk to them. It’s not enough to share the great things they say about you. You need to make them feel like you really care. Engage them. Respond directly to their comments and make it personal. Nobody likes a canned response. Promote the brand but do it with a hashtag that makes each customer feel  like they’re unique and valued. Link your social media profiles to your website and you’ll create another channel for traffic. When you engage with your audience, you should see more profile visits. One word of caution about including links to your website directly in your comments section. Do it sparingly so it doesn’t seem spammy.

Hashtag This!

What’s the first thing people see when they click on your social media page? Your profile. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your Facebook About, Twitter Bio, or your LinkedIn company page, you profile is where visitors see the details about your and your company. It’s a perfect place to drop a link to your website. The next thing people notice is your social media posts including hashtags, which can be used to promote your website pages. Do a little research before you just throw a hashtag out there. They can be effective. A current client of Think One Thing has grown their website traffic by using SEO combined with hashtags.

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You no longer have to wonder about how to drive traffic to your website. If you take action now and get your feet wet with some proven marketing tactics, you should see more traffic to your website. Put this system to work and watch your site fly to the next level.

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Devetra Cason

During the course of Devetra Cason internships, Devetra Cason has worked with different consulting firms in which she provided support for the marketing department in the areas of launching products and services which entailed the maximum growth and economic performance through strategic marketing in SEO, branding development, KPI reporting and through various social media platforms to small to large sized businesses looking to expand both domestically and globally. In the future, Devetra Cason strives to further enhance her strategic planning through clients based on their needs for substantial growth within the community.