Google Practitioner Listings for Attorneys

Google My Business is a powerful tool that is used by businesses to get found on Google. But business listings aren’t the only option.

Attorneys can use Google listings to leverage their personal brands on local search by using something called a Practitioner Listing. 

This type of listing works similar to the practice listing and can be used strategically to increase your chances of being found in a Google search. 

When creating your listing make sure the prospective client who sees your listing will find it easy to talk to you and schedule a call.


How to Create Your Practitioner Listing on Google My Business

Creating a practitioner listing on Google My Business is something that can be done easily. The process will require you to provide basic information about yourself, such as your phone number, practice areas and address. To ensure you are who you say you are, Google will verify your identity by sending a code. 

Before you can create a Practitioner LIsting you will need to create or claim your Business (Firm) listing. We know this can seem too difficult, but we’re here to help. We have gone through the whole process so you know exactly what to do in every step. 

Step 1 – Basic Information

Log in to and click on add your business.


Step 2 – Fill Your Practice’s Name and Category

Note: under category, you should inform the area of your practice, such as “personal injury” or “divorce”. Try not to pick too many areas.


Step 3 – Where Can You Practice


Step 4 – Add Your Practice’s Information


Step 5 – Verification


Once all the steps are completed, you will have to get a verification from Google. It can be via snail mail, phone, SMS, or email. This step is necessary before Google shows you as a search result.


Using Practitioner Listings

Once you have your Google My Business profile set, it’s time to go a step further. Using the right strategies will help you be found by more people.

Solo Practitioner Listing

Solo practitioners are those who are the only attorney in a law firm. If this is your case, Google’s recommendation is to have only one listing. Although having your practice’s name should not be included on your solo practitioner listing.

Reviews given to a listing will remain with it. So, if you are listed as a practitioner and your firm is listed as a business, the reviews you get for either one will remain separate. Google does not merge the reviews.

Multiple Practitioner Listing

In cases where multiple lawyers work at the same firm the best practice is to have only one Business listing for the firm. A practitioner listing is “owned” by the individual attorney, so when they leave they will be able to take it with them. Be sure to have a process in place so that the4 same does not happen with the primary Business listing. 

In this case, the best practice is to have a firm listing in Google My Business and the attorneys who work at more than one firm have their own practitioner listings.

Wrapping Up 

Using Google My Business is an important part of your firm’s online presence. It helps you build your personal brand and let people know more about your practice, giving them confidence you can help when they make the call. 

One strategy that can be used in large firms with multiple practice areas is to have the specific area of specialty listed for each attorney on their Practitioner Listing

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