Optimizing Your Digital Marketing Through SEO


Rankings at the top of Google searches can be monotonous, but it’s a goal most companies strive to achieve. In order to keep your business from slipping further in search engine results, you need to put SEO at the top of it’s to-do list.

Users put a lot of faith in search engines and believe that the information that they see on their screen is reliable. The higher your business is on search rankings, the more credible you look. This is where SEO comes into play.

Review Online Directory Listings

For you to have best optimization, you should be frequently checking and updating all of your online directory listings such as Facebook or Google My Business etc. You’ll want your consumers to be accessing accurate information about your business, and they will too. Having consistent information across the board on your directory listings is a critical component for one to improve their SEO. If your audience is not presented with up to date information, it won’t drive them to your website. The key is to drive traffic and as a business, you’ll want to help guide your audience in the right direction.

Source: https://www.datadeck.com/

Using Keywords

One way for a business to guarantee content visibility is through the use of keywords and key terms. Every business has a specific market of people they are trying to target; if you want your content to be seen in front of the right people, you must optimize your content for keyword searches. Using top –ranking keyword searches is as easy as utilizing Google’s Search Analytics. For example, if you have a sewing business, you’re going to want to have all the top ranking keywords on your website, such as, sew, sewing, sewing machine and sewing patterns. When you’re using the right keywords that your audience frequently searches, it’s more likely that you’re improving your chances of people finding your website via search engines.

Make Sure Your Content is Mobile – Friendly

We are in the prime of digital marketing, which means that it is necessary that the content you provide your consumers is mobile – friendly. Before you know it, mobile SEO will completely out rank desktop SEO. That’s why it is critical to have a  website that uses responsive Web Design. People are becoming more dependent on mobile, as most of their searches will come from a mobile device If your site isn’t mobile – friendly, you’re essentially turning visitors away.

Source: https://clix2brix.com/

Optimize Locally

If you wish for your company to known all over all of the background noise it competes with, optimize local searches by including state and city in the title tags, the URL, H1 headings and meta descriptions. Having local optimization is very beneficial for small businesses. In Google terms, local optimization simply means that your business will make it into the top three local listings on the page.

Source: https://www.toprankblog.com


Be Social

Today social media has driven a solid amount of traffic, making it one of the most effective ways to maintain ones visibility and relevancy with your audience. Prioritizing and developing a social media strategy will actually improve your SEO efforts. Social media relies primarily on quality content, which in essence is where the SEO side of things comes into play. Having a consistent and strong presence on social media will have a great increase on your search rankings.

Even though SEO can be monotonous at times, it is a great way to bring traffic to your business. The 5 SEO tips that have been provided above are all great ways one can have top rankings on Google’s search engine.

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Devetra Cason

During the course of Devetra Cason internships, Devetra Cason has worked with different consulting firms in which she provided support for the marketing department in the areas of launching products and services which entailed the maximum growth and economic performance through strategic marketing in SEO, branding development, KPI reporting and through various social media platforms to small to large sized businesses looking to expand both domestically and globally. In the future, Devetra Cason strives to further enhance her strategic planning through clients based on their needs for substantial growth within the community.