5 Email Marketing Best Practices for a Successful Campaign

Email marketing is still one of the most effective means of reaching customers. Whether you’re selling products online, collecting sales leads, or running a blog, everyone wants a healthy list.  If you wish to design a successful marketing strategy, keep these best email marketing practices in mind.

Make Your Emails Interactive

The content of your emails should always have the same impact on customers as the content of your website.  This means that sending emails that are more interactive. Experts forecast that interactive emails will still have a continuing impact on email marketing success in the future. The way you do this? will be determined by your industry, but the common goal is to boost your engagement by giving your customers something to actually do when reading your email.

For example, a retailer can send an email with pictures of various new products they’re about to launch. Instead of displaying multiple images for each and every product, they could include a slideshow a user clicks on to see the next product . This approach achieves the same goal, with the added benefit of boosting your user engagement.


Source: http://www.equatek.com/

Craft Effective Subject Lines

Approximately 64% of people determine whether they’ll open up an email based on the subject line (via Flypchart). Clearly, this is a critical element of any email marketing campaign.

The nature of your business will determine what type of subject line will attract customers. The traits of a subject line that is meant for a senior citizen shoe line probably won’t be as effective for a millennial nightclub.



That being said, here are some general ways one can improve their subject lines:

  • Use emotionally exciting words (e.g. ”End Today!” or ”5 Hours only!”)
  • Include emoticons and/or symbols
  • Ask your customers a question, or simply tease the content of the email

Your main objective is to identify what your customers want, and how you can make it unambiguous to them that by opening your email, they’ll get it.

Validate Your Emails

What’s the point of an email marketing strategy if your emails don’t reach the intended audience?  Invalid emails will not only affect your marketing campaign’s effectiveness but will also pose a significant risk to your sender reputation. Whenever one of your emails doesn’t reach the recipient inbox, it negatively impacts your reputation with your email service provider, and can also lead to you being locked out from their platform.

The importance of verifying email addresses will steadily continue, so to be sure to use an email cleaning tool to verify the emails that are on your list and ensure they reach inboxes. Doing so will provide insurance that your email marketing campaign is the most successful it can be, while also avoiding the risk of hurting your sender reputation.

Include a Call to Action

The emails that you send should do more than simply remind customers that you exist. In each email you send, include at least one call to action. You can simply ask your customers to purchase a product and direct them to your website to learn more information about a free offer, ask them to share a piece of content on social media, etc.

However, don’t assume the mere presence of a call to action is enough, though. The copy receiving it will ultimately determine whether your customers will actually take the action you are encouraging. Using bolded or color fonts will also help ensure a CTA stands out.

Integrate Personalization

Personalization is a necessary technique to keep in mind for email marketing success. Sending emails at the right time and with the right content to your subscribers, they will be more prone to convert and click through them. It has been shown that using personalized email subject lines has increased open rates by 26% (via Campaign Monitor). Additionally, emails that are personalized also lead to a 10% boost in conversions (via Campaign Monitor).

Email marketing best practices can be easily applied to any type of business. The most important factors to consider is getting more people to open the email then take action, personalizing the experience, validating emails so that people actually receive them, and curating engaging and interactive content.

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Devetra Cason

During the course of Devetra Cason internships, Devetra Cason has worked with different consulting firms in which she provided support for the marketing department in the areas of launching products and services which entailed the maximum growth and economic performance through strategic marketing in SEO, branding development, KPI reporting and through various social media platforms to small to large sized businesses looking to expand both domestically and globally. In the future, Devetra Cason strives to further enhance her strategic planning through clients based on their needs for substantial growth within the community.