Shopify, Why We Love It

We at OneThing Strategic Marketing Group take pride in identifying the best e-commerce solutions for our partners and client businesses. We bring you the benefit of decades of experience in optimizing sites for maximum conversions and revenue generation. One of our partners “Shopify and Shopify Plus” deserves a special mention. Here are several reasons why we and over 100,000 businesses around the word have come to love Shopify.

Shopify is a great entry level platform that easily scales up to $1,000,000+/month in transactions. They have proven themselves to be near bulletproof solution with enterprise-level SLAs (Service Level Agreement) that can easily ramp up for the biggest traffic spikes most businesses would ever encounter. This flexibility would cost many thousands of dollars on other platforms but comes at a reasonable monthly cost for most businesses.

Expandability is critical in this fast evolving market, and Shopify delivers flexibility and functionality through an app marketplace similar to what you would encounter on your mobile phone. If you need to add a feature like an email capture, QuickBooks integrations, Shopping Cart Abandonment you can almost be 100% sure that there is an app for that in the marketplace. Many apps are $5 a month; others can be upwards of $100 a month depending on functionality and traffic volume.



Their integrated payment gateway is another tool that seriously knocks our socks off. This saves you the added steps of setting a payment gateway and going through the approval process. If you prefer to use your existing provider, there are options to work with your current provider as well as Apple Pay and PayPal.

Templates and Themes, these two selections built into Shopify round out the list of things we love. A vast store of choices you can use to create your custom customer experience and keep your website fresh. These affordable themes allow you to reskin your site as often as you like – even quarterly if you feel the need. Most themes are responsive which is the cutting edge for providing a robust mobile experience for your users and to maintain profitable google rankings.

While we do love Shopify, there are a few reasons your Shopify may not be the ideal solution for your business needs. A few reasons where you may want to consider another shopping cart include:

  • Stacked discounts
  • Dealer support
  • Multi-language support
  • Multiple storefronts
  • ERP integrations


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