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Comprehensive SEO guarantees the short and long-term success of your e-commerce business. This optimization performance assembles all your traffic drivers including Social Media, SEM, Video, and Email into a finely tuned machine. The SEO team will begin by listing all your current digital platforms and suggesting additional platforms to use. These will then be developed into business templates (where possible). Commonality is identified and new information added subsequently to highlight the trait characteristics that promote your business. This process is just the first step in defining your SEO Internet Marketing Campaign.

The SEO team’s next step is identifying your audience by determining the target demographics which are unique to each business. The data points they discover include location, income, gender, and a laundry list of other specifications about your end users. Hand in hand with this search is the process of defining your product/service in addition to selling, promoting, building, and branding your business. This can be a daunting job for the team because your product or service can be based on any number of specifications. Research and testing are the best way to approach this task, and if your audience is large this will be incredibly time-consuming. But, a good SEO team understands the need for developing your digital strategy.

The product or service you want to sell has its own set of requirements such as location sensitivity, fashionable factor (hot or not), and gender preference. Gathering and sorting all this information has its challenges. There are still additional issues to overcome in meeting all mandated government regulations that pertain to your business. This portion of the overall development will require the most attention to detail because of the specific end users for your product or service. However, this is all part of understanding and advancing a digital strategy. Once these specifications are determined, you will be able to better project your potential revenue stream and better manage your whole business structure.

Here is where OneThings SEO services break away from the pack. We have developed a set of software tools that allow us to capture important statistics, keywords, backlinks, and more from those who compete in the same arena as you. Knowing your competition is one thing, but knowing what they use, what works best for them, and where exactly they are spending their digital marketing dollars is another thing altogether. We have this advantage over most other SEO companies and industry experts, and we happily share it with our clients. Frankly, we operate under an unusual set of conditions, which is the reason we see the excellent SEO results that our customers rave about.

Adding SEO services to your business’s growth projections is a must for all customers. The biggest issue for businesses to overcome with this indispensable tool is the time investment. Industry experts speculate it will take six to eight months for all the SEO structures to take shape and payoff, but we have seen four months and sooner payoffs. The time and patience invested, as with all great things in life, leads to unquestionably increased margins and ROIs. The revenue from SEO will cost your company virtually nothing compared to paid advertising. And in most businesses, SEO’s revenue is the mainstay of the total business revenue.

Our proprietary software, years of experience (beginning in early 1993), and industry leading professionals in the SEO market will quickly achieve results and, in most cases, will reduce the industry average of six to eight-month returns by half or more! This means that within a few short months you will begin to see your site move up the search engine ladder, your monthly website traffic will show increased growth, your internet Domain Authority Google rating will advance, and your revenue stream will show a notable increase. No company can guarantee more ROI, but we have an advantage in the way we can guarantee our work; our clients. They will tell you what they have found and how quickly we changed for the better their overall sales, visibility, and ROI.


Please call, or email us today. A digital evaluation for your business is free. We believe that by reviewing your company’s SEO strategy and allowing us to make key recommendations, we will have a positive effect on your company’s marginal growth. Remember, good business is always in the margins.

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