What Makes Up An Effective Email Marketing Campaign


Emails are the most personal things for internet users. When you send them email about your products and services, you land right in their personal inbox. This is the type of marketing that makes you reach closest to your existing customers and potential leads. It implies that you can’t be non-serious with your email marketing campaigns. Make one mistake and you will be in your customer’s Spam folder and will land every email in that folder after that. How do you make an impact with your email marketing campaign? What are the aspects that you need to work on? Let us tell you how we work on it:


It Starts With Organization

ThinkOneThing starts its email marketing by organizing things beforehand. For an email marketing campaign to be successful, it must be targeted at the right people. We make groups of your potential customers and create emails that are targeted and optimized specifically for that group. We let information from social networking accounts of your customers help us in deciding who is interested in what. When things have been arranged and organized, we are also in the position to personalize the emails to make them have more effect on their receivers.


We Create Impressive Emails

Of course, the backbone of any email marketing campaign is how your email looks. We can work on professional templates to make them yours or start from the scratch to create an email layout that you are satisfied with. We make use of the most advanced email marketing software technologies out there to make sure your emails look equally good to every receiver despite the differences in their browsers. At ThinkOneThing we have the professionals who understand the workings of email body and call to action, and the effect of call to action button based on its appearance and location.


We personalize our emails so your customers feel special when they receive your emails. We also try out different email layouts, call to action button appearances, email bodies etc. on different groups to find the combination that works best for your email marketing campaign.


We Monitor Campaigns

Sending emails to customers without monitoring the results of your campaigns is more like throwing net in a pond that has no fish. How can you ever create an email marketing strategy unless you know what is working and what is not? This is why we use the best available tools to monitor every detail of your email marketing campaigns. With these tools we create reports that can give you a good insight into the success rate of your email campaigns. You will know how many emails were opened, how many emails elicited some action from its receivers etc. With this information available at hand we can create new email layouts and improve the existing ones to come up with the best combinations.


Keep in mind that even the best designed email can look ugly to your receivers if they are using a browser or device that your email was not optimized for. We have the tools to see how your email will appear on any platform and device before even sending it.


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